Our Services

We will

  • Answer your "who", "what", where", "how" and "why" queries.
  • Guide you to the particular consultant doctor and for the proper treatment of your disease.
  • Share an inclusive cost estimate for the recommended treatment
  • Share details about the recuperation - the time period, precautions to be taken, any special requirements pertaining to diet/physiotherapy etc.

Cost Estimates

After recieving your medical reports our team in co-ordination with the consultants will diagnose your aliment and recommend a course of treatment based on report, we will then estimate the approximate cost of the treatment. The acutual cost may differ depending on the extended hospital stay due to the needs of course of the treatment, complications during treatment and incidental findings.

Assistance with Hotel Bookings

Depending on your budget, we can arrange accommodation for you and your attendant close to the hospital at nearby guest houses, service apartments or luxurious 5-star hotels. Facilities like hospital visits, on-call doctor, cab services and emergency ambulance can also be arranged by us.

End to end assistance during stay

Our Patient Services team will smoothen your stay at every stage, from the moment your arrival to your departure. They will:

  • Fix the initial consultation with the doctor(s)
  • Schedule standard pre-surgical tests required
  • Explain your pre/post-surgical medication to you
  • Make sure you get a comprehensive written medical report on discharge

Assistance with finding a doctor

Not sure which doctor to consult, or even what kind of doctor? Not to worry. Once you share your reports and your medical condition with us, our team will analyze the same and share their expert opinion on the treatment to be followed.